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Welcome to my store! It specialises in the best of what I call healthy beauty and wellbeing products. Ones that are good for people and planet.

I'm Suzanne Duckett a well-known health and beauty editor and author of nearly three decades. I have been the beauty and wellbeing director of some of the world's biggest magazines, from Cosmopolitan to Good Housekeeping, write for national newspapers and am the author of many books including Bathe.

I opened Onolla so I could stock some of the best beauty and wellbeing products and advice available, to help people cope with modern day life, on and offline. Plus most importantly, offer you my famous Duckett List - 1-1s that hand pick the best products and tips for you (chat to me below now!)

Everything you'll find here is absolutely brilliant, fully researched, tried and tested the Onolla way - thoroughly, carefully, are sustainable, ethical and worth every penny.

I am here to answer any of your questions. See me as your personal beauty and wellbeing editor,

I look forward to chatting to you (hit chat box NOW with your questions. It is me, not a bot at the other end!)


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Onolla X Ground Bath & Bed Set

A calming, reassuring and comforting curation designed to do just what it suggests: have a bath and go to bed. Tomorrow is another day... 


Certified Organic Beauty

£125, (worth around £250)


Organic Beauty Box

Brimming with some of our best selling certified organic, nourishing beauty boosters

Onolla Down to Earth Mud

FACE MASK blend with water to reduce large pores, blemishes, the appearance of fine lines and for all-round radiant, complexion glowing with health.

BODY TREATMENT - a more intense home spa treatment mix into a thick paste to help relieve painful joint and muscle stiffness.

BATH SOAK - sprinkling some into the bath helps soothe away aches, pains and calms the nervous system (perfect before bed to ‘ground’ for a deep sleep).

Onolla Favourite

Cat Deeley's Fragrance

Amanda (left) is Cat's best friend who has created the divine E11even

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What does Onolla mean?

It is an acronym for Online Now, Offline Later, and striking this balance is a thread running through all we do. I believe that being online as often as many of us are is increasingly becoming a health hazard, which is why Onolla’s purpose is to help people balance that time spent online by bringing nature into their lives in as many ways as possible.


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