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Listen To The Duckett List Podcast

Season 2 of our brand new podcast is now streaming. Called The Duckett List (Suzanne our Founder is the host), we have just uploaded the first few, of what will be a collection of natural conversations to hear to help you thrive. Natural, honest and entertaining, our guests are incredible, knowledgeable and wise humans, here to help you attain and sustain yourself and your planet while cultivating your wishlist of personal goals and dreams.

Leading the way is our favourite champagne mystic, the glamorous and fun Shelley Von Strunckel. Most well-known for her work, columns and books as an astrologer, Shelley is one of our most trusted spiritual teachers and voice of reason in the often confusing field of astrology. Tune in and enjoy the wisdom that is Shelley Von Strunckel where Suzanne and her discuss what Astrology is and what on earth Mercury in retrograde or The Age of Aquarius even mean? Plus they touch on if the power of Science is waning and what her issues with meditating are.

Lord Newborough is next. Expelled from school at just 8 years old and a run away at 10, many life adventures later he is now an organic farming pioneer, sustainability advocate and at 71, has just become a skincare brand founder of Wild Beauty by Rhug Estate (their wonderful Purifying Cleanser is in our Good To Go set). Prepare to be inspired and reassured about the HUGE benefits of forking out on organic from what you put on your plate to what you slather on your face, the non negotiables of organic food shopping, what sustainable farming really means and his cool drive-in on the Rhug Estate.


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a collection of a hundred natural conversations to hear to help you thrive