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The Art of...

Onolla's Bathroom Cabinet

'Taking care of yourself'

  • Suzanne has 30 years of integrated beauty and wellness journalism and private consulting.

    Suzanne offers private, bespoke consultancy helping her clients find the best expert, spa or products for their needs.

    From the more traditional maladies from sleep problems to wrestling with the menopause and pregnancy and birth related issues to the modern epidemic - severe stress, anxiety and burn out, our recommended holistic options, experts, spas, retreats and specialist travel agents and includes fast-track and practitioner introductions.

The Art of...

Living naturally

'The house detox'

Suzanne can help make your home a healthier and more harmonious retreat including recommending things like:

  • Triple filtered, revitalised water systems
  • Chemical and plastic-free paints
  • Less toxic cleaning products

    Bringing nature into play. Never has our co creation with nature been more needed what with digital overload

    Onolla brings nature into the home to elevate the vibration of a space and help reset us.

    We incorporate Biophilic design connecting people with nature in their built environment. It incorporates natural elements, such as plants, water, and light, into the interior design of buildings, creating spaces that promote wellness, productivity, and connection with the natural world.

    Biophilic design has been shown to have positive effects on human health and well-being, and can be easily incorporated into home interiors in practical and accessible ways.

The Art of...

Trunk Show

Onolla pop up at home

The beauty of a trunk show is that now only does it enable closer, IRL relationships with our clients; they get to engage all their senses in their buying process. Creating a showroom in interesting spaces or in peoples homes can reduce the sometimes intimidating environment for clients making the process much lighter and more relaxed.

We can set-up beauty, art and more in the comfort of your own home and beyond and can organise catering too via our F&B specialists. Trunk shows have been a fashion mainstay since Bill Blass popularised them after World War II.

Onolla trunk shows, true to their history and purpose when it comes to art and artefacts particularly, allows individuality as we rarely bring the same pieces to a locality.

The Art of...


'Being together'

Onolla curates collectors dinners, immersive supper clubs and gatherings to instigate great conversation, great company in great settings.

We think this is an art form, especially now as digital communication is overpowering in person gatherings.

Onolla loves to elevate the energy in the room and the people in it, creating crackle and spark and the right dynamic and ensure the right introductions between guests are made.

The Art of...


'Reinvent not Renovate'

If you don't have the appetite or affordability for a move or are overwhelmed by total overhaul, reinvention is the way forward.

Reinventing what you have embraces the slower, more sustainable and thoughtful living.

We love to refresh, recycle and renew spaces breathing new life and fresh energy into old treasures.

We take our lead on every project from what can stay, be restored and reinvented. We do the hard work for you with our team of tried and trusted refurbishment specialists, supporting this community of artisans.

The Art of...


'Setting the Scene'

Staging can help achieve up to 15% over the asking price

Staged houses sell 73% faster on average than non-staged counterparts.

It can help sell faster, in fact if priced correctly, it can sell in 30 days.

It removes the stress from you making your house look its best

Home staging is big in the US for the simple reason that good staging reduces the time a house sits on the market and also helping achieve the asking price.

In the UK, only a handful of people are using home staging services to prepare a property for sale, even though staged houses can achieve up to 15% more in the sale value than similar homes in the area.

We are experts Staging, creating the best ambience, furniture to the art and accessories suit the particular home and will appeal to as wide a range of viewers as possible. We make them feel at home from the minute they walk through the front door.


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