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Bristol Fungarium

Triple strength, UK-grown 100% organic mushroom supplements, extracted in a lab on the Bristol Fungarium farm in Somerset, this is the only organic certified medicinal mushroom producer currently in the UK.

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The Bristol Fungarium crops over a ton of 18 strains of fungi each month including maitake, shiitake, king oyster and 7 other strains of oyster mushroom, wine caps, lions mane, reishi, turkey tail, and cordyceps. Many of which are now featured in the first UK grown organic certified range of medicinal mushroom products to hit the market.ey in all their products.


Tom Baxter

Wiseman, Tom Baxter spent two years initiating "The Growing Up Project" which welcomed children from 9 months to 19 years into an organic farm just outside Bristol, encouraging them to reconnect with nature and learn what it means to work with the land.

Formulation & Philosophy

The objective at The Bristol Fungarium is to grow local mushroom strains that have developed over millions of years in an attempt to be mindful about our impact on the local flora and fauna.

  • With up to 2 billion ash trees going to perish in the next 2 decades, anything they can do to mitigate the unforeseen consequence of introducing different genetics into a highly complex ecosystem - they feel obliged to do.

  • That's why over a third of the mushroom strains they grow at The Bristol Fungarium have been cloned from local specimens.
  • Once harvested, their medicinal mushrooms are then dried in an infrared dehydrator at exactly 34°C to maximise the quantity of bioactive compounds that make their way in to the medicinal range
  • They are currently working towards lab testing all of their products in collaboration with University labs, as well as a range of fully organic medicinal tinctures.

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