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E11even Unisex Fragrance Oil Perfume

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A unisex fragrance oil, lovingly created 11 years ago by global makeup artist Amanda Grossman. Amanda launched the fragrance in partnership with her best friend and business partner Cat Deeley. This unique blend of clean ingredients and pure essential oils is inspired by Amanda’s travels around the world, and has been the secret fragrance blend worn by her and her A-Lister clients since the late 90’s. With fresh top notes of rose and geranium, sparkling citrus notes - then warms down to earthy patchouli woods from Indonesia, drying down to an almost ethereal veil of amber undertones.

How to use:
The sleek glass rollerball allows the fragrance oil to be used in a number of ways. Aside from applying e11even to areas you would traditionally wear fragrance, the super portable-sized e11even can also be added to baths, body oils, or used on its own as a beard oil, a steam inhalant, a sleep aid, pulse point enhancer. Cat and Amanda apply it to hair post-shower, or love to apply the oil to a tissue to scent clothes when travelling.

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