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January 31st

January 31st

Onolla Concierge

Spring is definitely in the air and we are approaching Nature’s new year, THE time of the year to set your intentions, clean up your act and make significant changes for a super year ahead.
You may have noticed I didn’t use the word detox for the whole of the Winter Wellness Set month! January is not the time for that which is why I hope you feel nourished,  nurtured and perhaps a little motivated for some action! 
Whilst writing for the most prestigious, demanding publications, and regularly appearing on TV and radio, speaking and moderating at key global wellbeing events and consulting to big and small brands, hotels and spas; and private clients on wellbeing, beauty and the power of nature and regularly putting myself  in the hot-seat to experience the new (and sometimes bizarre) wellbeing treatments, I know what really works and more importantly, what doesn’t.
Which is what inspired me to start The Onolla Concierge, a menu of personal shopping services to get to the nub of what you need.
To help you transition and align with the seasons, I am offering you 15% off our Seasonal Shift Edit Concierge Service, a 45-minute 1-to-1 call with me to kick-start some new feel-good habits - remember that it is easier to replace a bad habit with a good one rather than ditch the old one! I sincerely hope you take me up on this offer and we get some 1-1 time (even if it is on screen!).

I would also absolutely love to hear what you thought of the Winter Wellness Set, what you loved, what you would have liked more or less of so please do email me

In the meantime, see you soon?

Suzanne x

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