Leapfrog Immune

Leapfrog Immune


A chewable tablet crammed with cold-fighting, immune-supporting zinc and vitamin C, plus lactoferrin, a protein with potent antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Leapfrog IMMUNE is a supplement containing lactoferrin, zinc and vitamin C. Think of it as your own body’s elite squad that you call in when you need extra immune support against viruses and bacteria. Taking Leapfrog IMMUNE at the beginning of a cold – and we all know how those play out – may help to reduce and shorten symptoms


Tips to Use

Take Leapfrog IMMUNE the moment you recognize the kick-off of an infectious episode. Take two chewable tablets per day, morning and evening, until balance is restored. You can expect to take between 1 to 10 chewable tablets over the course of 1 to 5 days

Or, take one chewable tablet per day by pulse method™ to maintain continual immune support over time. Simply put, it’s one chewable tablet per day – one month on, one month off – over a season. In winter, for example, that’s one tablet per day for the months of October, December and February (check out our website bundle that will have you covered)


Lactoferrin can be sourced from the milk of most mammals. It’s one of the extraordinary ingredients created by nature to offer a newborn optimal immunity (and why you might hear human colostrum and breastmilk called “liquid gold”).

Every dose of Leapfrog IMMUNE contains 250mg of lactoferrin and the recommended daily intake of zinc and vitamin C (within two tablets). These actives work together to support the body’s own immune function. When our immune system has been compromised, Leapfrog IMMUNE is absorbed through receptors in the mouth and gastrointestinal tract, beginning a reaction between cells that ultimately activates genes; these produce mediators that circulate in the blood and raise our body’s immune defences.

Key Ingredients

Lactoferrin - an awesome natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory iron-binding protein that supports the immune system and gut microflora.

Zin c - an immunity-boosting powerhouse that combats colds and fights inflammation, all while creating new cells and helping us process food efficiently.

Vitamin C - vital to your body’s effective immune response. It also helps with stress and heals wounds – closing the doorway to infection-causing bacteria.

Every chewable tablet is a dose of Nature’s Remedy™️: 250mg of pure lactoferrin, with zinc and vitamin C.