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January 21st

January 21st

KLORIS + Tip Card & Bath Block + CBD Card

It’s a New Moon tonight, and as you know, I am a fan of moon mapping - living by the power of the moon. The new Moon is an opportunity, once a month to check-in and ask yourself important questions or sketch out big dreams, which you’ll pursue during the upcoming lunar cycle and beyond. 
Many astrologers and those led my nature to help guide them through the day, the month, the year, the thing called life, recommend the new Moon for the time to set intentions, reflect on goals. It is all about what you are ready to invite in. Planting seeds for the future basically, when the Moon appears to disappear from the night sky, it’s the dark time when you put the seed in, and leave it to germinate. Then when the spring comes, hey presto! Incorporating rituals into daily life, beyond the time of the new Moon simply allow us to go into a space of remembering that we're more than just doing the mundane. That we have a beautiful spiritual side where mental health flourishes in this space.
Some new moon musings to try this evening…

Ask yourself this question: ‘What do I want to manifest this month?’ Then commit to these goals - small is good! Like starting to meditate or exercising gently more.
Make a wish. Why not? Go for gold, then affirm that it's really going to happen, then imagine and visualise it. Wishing for something, setting good positive intentions and making new conscious commitments are wonderful ways wax lyrical about the new Moon. 

Create personal praise aka an affirmation
Looking for a new job/man/woman/house? Either create an affirmation based in having it already ie ‘I love my job/man/woman/house and and my job/man/woman/ house loves me. If you are on the hunt, try ‘I am worthy of love/happiness just the way I am.’ You need to really fake it til you make it and tune in and feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled - that is what trains us to go attain and attract those desires.
Plus visualising what you want is a key part of this potent process. Close your eyes, and as you repeat your affirmation, imagine your commute to the new job, what your desk and office will look like, or your new partner etc. then continue this visualization process beyond the new Moon. Some practical, proactive stuff is essential too! Want that new job, start applying for it and put yourself in the right place to make what you want happen.
Ground yourself.

Do some yoga, meditation three days around the new Moon phase to realign and centre yourself. Gardening work helps, too as connecting with the earth can be healing and rejuvenating as we move forward. A personal favourite of mine. 

Ask for help

We need others to help further our goals and reaching out to them during the new Moon, and schedule meetings for the future is a good time to do this. You have a week after the new Moon, a particularly good time for taking action on this. If nothing else this helps with the life planning.

Be kind to yourself

The full Moon is supposed to heighten emotions and the new Moon depletes them so try doing more relaxing rituals, relaxation and repose.

I suggest you run that relaxing bath now and drop in your bath block!