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January 11th

January 11th

Touching in with internationally acclaimed specialist in massage, facials and spa treatments, AKA The Face Whisperer, Beata Aleksandrowicz

Meet Beata Aleksandrowicz, an incredible international expert in massage and wellbeing and a firm believer in the healing power of touch. She has studied massage and touch therapy for over 25 years, has written two books about its benefits and teaches massage therapy in some of the world’s leading spa and wellness hotels. But it’s Beata’s time with one of the oldest cultures on earth, the Kalahari bushmen in southern Namibia, that really moves us. ‘The power of touch transcends language, race and borders’ says Beata. ‘It makes us human’. Regular, positive touch is truly transformative. It can change people’s lives’ she says. Here, Beata translates the language of touch...

'As humans we need touch. On a physiological level, there is no better way of releasing tension from the muscles than through massage. It is a great remedy for aches and pains and can help the entire body function more efficiently. However, sadly, many people have lost a true sense of touch and its importance, even before Covid-19 appeared, we faced this problem. There was a stigma around touch that I felt I must address, plus a lack of education on what it means to us. When we touch, we communicate on a profound level. We become aware of our physicality but also feel a deep sense of belonging. We reach the core of our existence and communicate beyond language. We all want to feel the warmth of a hand on our shoulder after a long day, or a gentle stroke on our hand in moments of difficulty. Simple but essential connections when words are not enough.

This experience has brought me to a deeper understanding of its power. My clients always emphasise how strong they have become - mentally and physically - since they have incorporated regular massage into their lives. They feel positive, healthy, much more aware of their body and posture, and more able to cope with the stresses of everyday life. But it goes much further. For me, it's the idea that touch is fundamental to all human interaction. Touch is the first sense to develop in the womb and is still active even when sight or hearing is lost. It gives us a sense of reality'.

Try her Onolla One Minute Wonder massage for releasing tension in your face below. 

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