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Interview: Kalmar Founder Karen Ruimy - The Revival of the Ritual

We talk to Kalmar founder Karen Ruimy about self-care and positivity in a modern world.

'There are ‘the four soul states’ and the most direct path to the soul is through the senses' says ex banker turned writer, dancer and spiritual powerhouse Karen Ruimy, now Founder of Kalmar a holistic resort-wear and wellbeing brand (think gloriously boho kaftans, poolside with a Martini kind of vibe). 

Born in super sensual Morocco before a family move to Paris at the age of seven, Karen’s heritage and essence is woven and bottled into her brand and with her passion for wellbeing, it made sense for Kalmar to launch a sensorial, transportive, ritualistic beauty range.

‘Self-care comes from a place of self-respect, self-love and good intentions believes Karen.

‘You have a choice of energy at every moment in your life. You can choose positivity, or you can choose negativity and we have the power to stand up for ourselves, and say ‘I’m choosing a positive moment, ‘I’m choosing to be who I am and to be connected to my deepest self’

Whilst brimming with mood-enhancing botanicals, the intention, usage through creating a ritual that has gone into each and every product is just as important as the physical ingredients to help take you on a sensory journey from your bathroom to a more joyous, calm, peaceful or loving place.  

I am Loved Body Cream is a super luxurious, nourishing cream with a five star hotel feeling that makes you want to indulge and waft around in a beautiful silk kaftan! Its scent has light, crisp top notes of uplifting bergamot that give way to the more heady, seductive jasmine, ylang ylang and precious rose oils to help prompt positivity. Base notes include soft, powdery musk, evocative vanilla and patchouli, known for their grounding, reconnecting properties. It also contains ruby gemstone (cleverly powdered or in liquid form), a stone of passion power and known to encourage love, confidence and courage, stimulating the heart chakra and helping to bring fire into one’s life and encouragement to follow one’s bliss and foster creativity and wisdom. It also has Wild Rose used by native tribes for its medicinal benefits; believed to reduce skin blemishes and irritations, improve overall hydration and soften the appearance of scars and wrinkles, plus velvet bean, a super herb indigenous to India and a powerful antioxidant and adaptogen that can relieve stress by modulating the release of stress hormones from the adrenal glands. It is also used to elevate the mood and as aphrodisiac to boost the libido. Self-love? We should coco!

ONOLLA TIP: Switch from autopilot to hands-on healer and apply with love after a bath or shower, massaging the cream into clean, slightly damp skin, taking the time to mindfully detach from whatever has happened during the day. Notice the texture and smell, and their soothing, energising or comforting effect on you. It will take the benefits of the product to a whole new level.

Find Kalmar I am LOVED body cream in our HUG IN A BOX