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Therapie Slumber Pillow Spray

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This aromatherapy pillow mist is a precious and comforting sleeping companion that wafts its dreamy herbal aroma and gently tucks you in, sedating you into a deep restorative slumber in the sanctuary of your bedroom. Originally designed as a pillow spray, this pure and gentle formula is also suitable for use as a face mist in preparation for sleep. 

Daily Immersion: Spray two to three times lightly over your pillow before you go to sleep. As you sleep, you will breathe in the 'hypnotic' qualities of the beautiful ingredients of orange flower and spikenard (used in ancient healing traditions to help enhance connection with the self as you sleep).

Deep Immersion: For a calming ritual before you drift off, we recommend combining the use of this pillow spray with an end - of - day intention - setting ritual. Taking a piece of paper and a pen, write out an intention, fold the paper and pop it under your pillow. Apply the spray onto your pillow and as a face mist and enjoy the benefits of a deeply restorative slumber. 

Ore Therapeutic Ingredients:

Hemp Essential Oil -   a deeply sedative elixir, that reduces the effects of stress and anxiety. (Our hemp is contains minimal levels of THC and is an entirely safe and non - state - altering ingredient).
Lavender -  helps promote internal balance and a release of worries and preoccupations.
Chamomile -   a soft and gentle calmative, known for its soporific effects.

Aromatherapy Notes:

Base -   Deep rich earthy woodiness of spikenard and vetiver instantly calms an overwrought nervous system.
Heart -   Fresh herbaceous lavender blends with honeyed musk of chamomile to balance and calm.
Top - A soft  green citrus, with fruity woody bergamot and petigraine to lift the spirits

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