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Skin Diligent Acne-Prone Skin Kit

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Discover an easy 4-step skincare routine, formulated to cleanse, target problem areas, moisturise and improve the health and appearance of the skin with acne tablets. 

Key features:
- Helps reduce blackheads and blemishes
- Regulates sebum
- Soothes redness
- Controls the bacterial population
- Unclogs pores
- Improves skin barrier integrity

3 steps of skincare:
1.Triple Action Cleanser, 45ml. Gentle cleanser and exfoliating gel with probiotics that eliminates impurities and soothes the skin.
2. Multilayer Serum, 25ml. Spot treatment for melanin and excess sebum, soothes redness.
3. Regulating Cream, 30ml. Moisturiser to correct and prevent.

1 food supplement:
Skin & Stress food supplement, 90 capsules. Acne tablets with powerful antioxidants to strengthen skin health and fight stress from within.

Hypoallergenic, non-sensitising, non-irritating, sensitive skin, dermatologist-tested, free of endocrine disruptors, pH balanced, respects the skin’s microbiome diversity and strengthens the skin's ability to repair and defend itself. 

Skincare routine for 1 month of use.

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