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Harborist Environmental Moisture Light Moisturiser

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An omega - rich light moisturiser to protect from environmental stress. Enhanced with Superoxide Dismutase and Ectoin.

Sensitised skin is more easily affected by the environment - pollution, central heating and air conditioning. Some of those things can increase reactivity, making it harder to get your best skin. Environmental Moisture Light is a soothing moisturiser for the most sensitive skin, with a focus on protection from environmental stress. Raspberry seed oil, hyaluronic acid and glycerine restore hydration for calm, soft skin. Superoxide Dismutaseprovides anti - oxidant protection against free - radical damage and inflammation. Ectoin protects against environmental aggressors, by encouraging water to become tightly packed around cells, shielding them from stress.

How to use:
Smooth a pea - sized amount over freshly cleansed skin, morning or night. Go back with a little more over any areas prone to dehydration.

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