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Harborist Balm Gel Cleanser

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A non - irritating cleanser that removes all traces of SPF and makeup without any irritation to delicate skin, so you don’t need to choose between a healthy barrier and fresh, clean skin.

The Balm - Gel cleanser is a concentrated gelled oil to lift impurities at the start or end of the day. Camellia seed oil conditions, while glycerine provides hydration and comfort. A splash of water transforms the gel to a feather - light milk, for effortless removal. Skin is left calm, soft and ready for your next skincare step.

The Balm - Gel cleanser has been verified to be completely non - irritating using an extra sensitive mildness test* It received the best possible score - so you know you’re doing the right thing for your skin. Camellia seed and Jojoba oils combine with lightweight triglycerides to dissolve makeup and sunscreen without the need for harsher cleansing agents.

Sugar esters transform the gel to a feather light milk with a splash of water, making the gel easy to rinse away with or without a washcloth. A good dose of plant glycerine provides a blanket of hydration, to leave your skin with a soft, hydrated. These ingredients are so mild they're often used in baby - care.

Using 2 - 4 pumps, massage the gel cleanser into dry skin using damp fingers. Remove using splashes of water and hands, or a soft washcloth

*Using In Vitro Assessment of the Skin Irritation Potential following the XtraMild ET50 method.

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