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Ground Barróg (Cancer Care) Protect Nail & Cutile Oil

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100% natural, this cuticle & nail treatment is especially formulated for compromised skin around the nails using ingredients with natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties such as Liquorice, Arnica and Rosemary. White Tea and Mandarin hardworking anti-oxidants, helping combat stress in the nail bed, while Sea buckthorn and Avocado infused with Red Algae help 
to moisturise and protect the skin 
around the nail.
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Product Description

During active treatment there may be heightened sensitivity to aromatherapy products, in which case switch over to the unscented NOURISH SUPER SEED Face & Body Oil.

Do not use these aromatherapy products on broken skin, upon healing, use NOURISH SUPER SEED Face & Body Oil to encourage skin recovery.