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The Science Behind Five Standout Beauty Serums And Why You Should be Investing In Them

The Science Behind Five Standout Beauty Serums And Why You Should be Investing In Them

Elixseri Serums Are Made With A Patented Technology That Works To Maximise Skin Health And Metabolism And Slow Down The Ageing Process

Elixeri’s exclusive Bio Regenerative Technology is a fusion of Swiss Alpine crystallised light water, proven to diminish inflammation and to help rebalance the skin’s microbiome; meristem concentrates, which are sustainably sourced plant extracts with remarkable anti-inflammatory actions; and prebiotic fruit ferments, which are extremely beneficial for the skin’s microbiome, with a proven and positive balancing effect on the skin’s bacteria.

Bio Regenerative Technology helps to hydrate and strengthen the skin, reducing irritation and reinforcing the skin’s natural UV protection. It provides powerful antioxidant action and promotes enhanced skin regeneration, decongesting, brightening, clarifying and firming. Benefits include improved skin tone and an optimised skin microbiome.

Pick The Serum That’s Right For Your Skin

Resurface, Clarify, Exfoliate And Detox: Opening Act

An award-winning peeling serum, Opening Act is the essential first step in any serious skin care routine, helping all other products to work deeper and better. Packed with natural resurfacing actives, it is powerful yet gentle, and works while you sleep to slough off dead cells and cellular debris. You will wake up to more radiant and youthful glow.

Calm, Replenish, Nourish And Restore

A cottony-soft, nourishing and soothing anti-stress serum that revitalises skins suffering from the effects of internal stress or environmental aggressors such as pollution, UV or climate. Skin Meditation calms irritations and provides a rich dose of goodness. Even the most stressed skins are soothed and replenished while comfort, balance and radiance are restored.

Firm, Contour, Lift And Tighten

A lightweight and fast-absorbing formula, Firm Conviction offers instant and long-term firming and tightening benefits, perfect for skin in need of a little lift. Skin looks and feels velvety soft and smooth. Over time, elasticity is improved and skin tone is more compact. Skin looks more even, pore size is reduced and contours are redefined.

Smooth, Brighten, Hydrate And Soothe

A silky and creamy serum providing a double dose of hydration and nourishment. Smooth Player alleviates dryness, smoothing away the appearance of lines and wrinkles and bringing new luminosity to the skin. Skin looks and feels soft, silky and supple. Skin tone and elasticity improve, and your complexion radiates wellness and a youthful, healthy glow.

Hydrate, Plump, Refresh And Energise

This cool, fresh gel-serum drenches thirsty skin with long-lasting hydration, plumping it from within and keeping moisture levels intact. Rescue Diver brings instant comfort, elasticity and radiance to dry and dehydrated skins, guarding against pollution, fatigue and skin stress. Skin tone is left supple and soft, with fine lines less visible.

Limited Edition Fresh Start Duo

The Onolla + Elixseri Limited Edition Fresh Start Duo contains two serums, Opening Act and Rescue Diver, for just £129, giving you 20% off (usually £161 when bought separately). The first Onolla collaboration carefully selected to give you the most detoxified, exfoliated, hydrated and plumped skin you’ve had for years in a matter of days – simply by slipping a product or two into your existing routine.