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The Editor's Journal

Your Wellness Guide

Your weekly source of the latest wellbeing trends, beauty tips, interviews, lifestyle ideas and much more. Come and be inspired by founder stories and learn much more about the world of natural and conscious brands.


Every aspect of wellness can affect your life. Working toward all of them in one way or another is a great
goal, because wellness relates directly to your quality of life. We have created a journal to help you with ideas of little things that you can take part in to help with your wellness journey.

The fragrance the A-lists are obsessed with has landed!

The fragrance the A-lists are obsessed with has landed!

We are thrilled to welcome e11even fragrance oil and be the brands exclusive bricks and mortar store.  Uplifting, grounding, energising, calming e11even is a unique blend of exquisite nourishing...

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dried orange and rosemary on white background

Feeling Low And Anxious? Try This Natural Anti-Depressant Remedy

Simple DIY bath trick to reduce heart rate and cortisol levels

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Chewable Vitamins vs. Pills to Swallow: What Are the Benefits of Chewable Vitamins?

When choosing an Immunity booster, do you chew or swallow?! Evidence suggests that chewables are the most effective supplements. Here’s why…

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An insider's view of being childless at forty...

Many childless older women aren’t selfish, infertile or career-obsessed – they just never met the right...

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A weekly lifestyle guide that covers design, fashion, entertaining, food, style and travel. Your go-to guide to living your best life.

modern bathroom design with skincare and loofah

Sprucing Up Your Bathroom, How To Create A Bathroom Sanctuary

Simple ideas to turn your bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary without a complete refit

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Eating Seasonally: How Buying Your Groceries Locally Is Healthier And More Sustainable

Embrace seasonality in your diet and visit a local farm shop or produce market. Here are some tips from our seasonal food editor.

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water on plant for CBD oil

Time To Try CBD Oil? We Look At The Newest Lifestyle Ingredient And Why You Should Try It.

CBD oil is a true antidote and a natural supplement based on plant science that works with your body to help it function as it should.

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Come and be inspired by the founder stories behind some of our own brands and find out more about why choosing products like theirs is so important.


Interview: Kalmar Founder Karen Ruimy - The Revival of the Ritual

Kalmar founder Karen Ruimy captures the bohemian glamour of Marrakech in the Seventies in 'four soul states'

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Interview: Beata Aleksandrowicz And The Magic Touch

Beata Aleksandrowicz, translates the language of touch, sharing experiences with the oldest cultures on earth - the Himba tribe on the border with Angola

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Melissa Hemsley Cooking for the Felix Project and Shares Good to Go Tips

Interview: Melissa Hemsley's Wellbeing Tips

Self-taught chef, food columnist, cookbook author and sustainability champion, shares with Onolla her wellbeing tricks to feel Good To Go.

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Let's Talk About Qi (pronounced chee btw): What Is It And What Can It Do For You?

We talk energy and good health with Katie Brindle, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and founder of The Hayo'u Method

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Everything you need to know about the latest natural beauty trends, tips and styles.

How To Cure Your Complexion In 10 Days

How To Cure Your Complexion In 10 Days

Suzanne Duckett Explains How To Slip The Onolla + Elixeri Fresh Start Serum Duo Into Your Skincare Routine And See Amazing Results In Just 10 Days. Austrian physician...

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himalayan pink salt on marble table for health

Nature's Finest Un-Processed Ingredients Can Be Your Skin Saviours

The benefits of salts, muds and oils are wide-ranging and can boost our bodies from the inside out.

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The Importance Of Organic Beauty

The Importance Of Organic Beauty

Following A Cancer Diagnosis In 2007, Floral Artist Hazel Gardiner Started To Pay Particular Attention To Everything She Put In Or On Her Body, Including Skincare... We chat...

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