Joy Revive Massage & Body Oil


The Joy Revive Body & Massage Oil, fragrant with crisp bergamot, juicy clementine and fresh green basil, creates a gentle and optimistic uplift of energy. Intensely nourishing argan oil is blended with skin-conditioning jojoba and antioxidant grape seed oil to leave the skin hydrated, conditioned and delicately scented.

Made with 100% natural skin supporting oils and nature identical fragrance compounds to achieve exquisite and long-lasting scents that envelope the senses.

The scent’s fresh, energising notes capture the purity of a new morning. A crisp lemon top note pairs perfectly with enlivening ginger and bergamot, bringing a hint of soul- warming spice. A heart of spirit-lifting Jasmine and heady Magnolia inspire the senses with beauty and joyousness, while soft White Musk nourishes the inner strength.


  • Promoting pure and positive vibes with its signature fragrance
  • Awakening your sense of bliss and gratitude from within
  • Allowing a moment of quiet reconnection with your inner voice
  • Bringing forth warmth, freshness, and spice as the scent evokes the joy of a late summer evening
  • Creating the atmosphere of a joyful summer all year round
  • Positivity and purity, instantly uplifting the energy of a room
  • Intense hydration and skin supporting nourishment from carefully selected base oil blend
  • A fresh, warm, uplifting scent that will stay with you all day

Take a moment for yourself. Lavish time on your skin and honour your body. Apply to the hands and inhale deeply. Massage onto the skin using long sweeping strokes, allowing the scent to envelop the senses. “One second of pure connection is powerful. breathe in your soul’s energy”