Create Space Diffuser Oil

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Refreshing, Peaceful, Clearing

Powerful essential oil blend to create a focused and inspirational atmosphere of creativity.

Add 2-3 drops per 100ml of water to your Diffuser Ultrasonic Dispenser.

Key Ingredients:

Blue Chamomile
Cooling, Clearing

Blue Chamomile is a known anti-inflammatory for the body, mind and skin. It is believed to help ease tension, clear heat from the mind, body and to help us 'let go'. It is known to be an oil of peace and acceptance. Ideal before sleeping.

Orange Blossom
Refreshing, Calming

Also known as neroli, a sweet floral and citrus aroma that is known to provide a calming atmosphere, help treat anxiety and alleviate headaches. It is believed to help unblock stagnant energy and ease tension.

Releasing, Self-Accepting

Petitgrain is known to calm troubled skin and soothe irritation. Believed to be stimulating and cleansing as it has powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. On an emotional level, it is believed to protect against mental anguish, help release anger, and known to heal emotional wounds.

Yogi's oil, Peaceful

Rich in antioxidants, sandalwood is known to help fight the damage caused by free radicals and to prevent the formation of wrinkles. Known for its soothing effect on inflammation, sandalwood helps treat scars and soften the skin. Spiritually, it is believed to resonate with the soul centre.

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