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Therapie Comfort Warming Rub

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A grounding and healing salve, packed with macerated herbal oils (created using ancient apothecary techniques). It works on pain or blockages to ease and clear congestion and inflammation. This hard - working clever salve is made from aromatherapy oils, delivered in a gel - like form. On contact with skin, the turmeric, ginger and turpentine essences create an instantly warming and comforting effect. 

Daily Immersion: Apply to muscles and joints before or after exercise or to ease neck tension and lower backache. If you’re struggling with with a blocked nose or cough, rub gently into the skin on the chest area for instant comfort.

Deep Immersion: For a calming and soothing ritual when you are feeling under the weather, gently massage this grounding warming rub onto your chest before immersing yourself in a hot bath. The steam from the bath will help release and enhance the powers of the herbal aromatherapy oils.   

Core Therapeutic Ingredients:
Turmeric   - helps to soothe inflammation and improve circulation, soothing aching joints and muscles.
Ginger   - warms and helps to decongest and to draw out internal chills. It also strengthens and supports the immune system.
Chickweed   - works to reduce inflammation and soothe joints and muscle pain.

Aromatherapy Notes:
Base -  A soft lemony top with warm, rich, sweet spicy undertones of Frankincense eases emotional sensitivity.
Heart -  Helichrysum and Manuka combine to create a soft honeyed tea - like heart note that offers a sense of comfort.
Top -  A warm spicy herbaceous minty aroma accented with smoky herbaceous undertones, to further promote ease and serenity.

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