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Beata's Face Massage Technique Cards

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Beata has developed a set of informative and educational cards which feature simple and easy to follow instructions for her series of at - home face massage techniques. Beata’s Face Massage Cards includes four introduction cards and 58 cards with different face massage techniques. Designed to be used with her Beata Home Coming Face Oil, the cards are an important element of Beata’s offering to clients.

Cards are a collection of personal, guided journeys that beautifully capture the fine art of facial massage as an act of self - care. Incorporating breathing techniques, posture and modern face massage techniques, the cards offer individual practices on their own, but together offer a whole series of modern healing through the kind and compassionate art of self - love. 

Beata explains:

“How many times do we buy oils or creams that we don’t use or finish? I believe in face massage so deeply that I wanted to make sure that those who buy my face oil will also know how to use it, regularly and effectively. I wanted to give them detailed and thorough guidance and encourage them to develop a twice weekly routine that will go beyond the face massage and will also give them the chance to spend some quality time with themselves. Focusing on their beauty and uniqueness rather than dwelling on imperfections.”

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