Welcome to Onolla

Onolla joins the dots between what’s going on in the physical world and how we can flow with it. We work with best-in-class natural products and holistic health experts, brimming with time honoured self-care rituals and advice. 

We are thrilled you are here and look forward to helping you bring self-care home.


Suzanne has tailored many spa trips, wellness programmes, practitioners, practices and beauty shopping lists for A-list celebrities, actors and household names, and now she can do it for you too.


Hello, I’m Suzanne Duckett, a well-known, respected Journalist and Editor who has for the last three decades have held the post of Health and Beauty Director of some of the most successful magazines in the World from Cosmopolitan to Good Housekeeping, and the former Editor of the Tatler Spa Guide and currently Spa Expert for The Telegraph and contribute to The Times.  I am also the Author of Bathe, The Art of Finding Rest, Relaxation and Rejuvenation in a Busy World.

Whilst writing for the most prestigious, demanding publications, I also regularly appeared on TV and radio, speaking and moderating at events and summits and consulting to big and small brands, hotels and spas; and private clients helping people to be the best, most successful, natural version of themselves.

Then digital happened and candidly, overnight I became beholden to the men in suits in the corner office on the top floor who put profit over principles, giant advertisers over honest editorial and big global brands over small, exciting fire starters and giant faceless retailers monopolising marketplace over independent trail blazers. I needed a more transparent, democratic place to call my own.


A down-to-earth-place where I can share my measured, researched, informed knowledge with you.

Weaving world-class products, tried and trusted contacts, practitioners and rituals creating a unique line-up of the best products, self-care sets, topical collections and seasonal gift sets that embrace the rhythms of nature.


Onolla is an acronym for Online Now, Offline Later and striking this balance is a thread running through all we do because I think being online so much is going to be one of the big ongoing health hazards and our purpose is to help people balance that out with bringing nature into their lives.

It’s astounding how disconnected we have become with nature and our purpose and passion is to re-wild urban city dwellers in a practical, down-to-earth way, starting with daily habits and routines, bathroom cabinets, and make-up bags. If you know your moisturiser is full of foraged herbs from a biodynamic farm, you start relating to nature in a different way.

By syncing with the rhythms of Nature, mirroring your health, beauty and life choices with the seasons, we will cultivate a deeper connection between ourselves and our environment. The planet needs it, we humans need it.


Onolla is...


Founded by an expert.

30 years at the cutting edge of quality journalism, well-researched stories and a passion for effective, nature meets science solutions underpins everything Onolla does.


Fuelled by female owned brands.

We champion female owned brands, producers and makers. We support men too of course, but they have got more than their fair share of the market place and we are readdressing that balance.


Powered by Nature.

Mother nature knows best and her wisdom and respect for her regeneration is at the heart of what we do. We are learning how to thrive together.


Consciously curated.

We are passionate about curating rituals and regimes from best in class products, practices and practitioners. Like nature, synergy is the key to everything.


Contributed by experts.

With Suzanne's bulging contact book we have some of the best specialist health and beauty journalists and experts contributing to our stories, tips, advice and curations.


Respecting of planet and people.

Our philosophy is all about learning how to live a more natural life with confidence and that includes confidence in not just sustaining planet and its occupants, but an ability to constantly regenerate all involved. Without this attitude, what would be the point?