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January 14th

January 14th

Wake up your skin and mood with Wildsmith and Skin Expert Fiona Brackenbury’s morning massage. 

I like to call this my breakfast smoothie for the face! It This quick and rejuvenating awakening morning massage with Fiona’s fab massage techniques will turbo charge your Wildsmith Cleansing Balm, deeply cleansing, hydrating and nurturing your skin leaving it glowing and replenished. The massage will boost this glorious balm’s blend of 9 botanical oils, rich butters and waxes and essential oils, hand picked for their nutritional value, power packed with anti oxidants and vitamins essential for skin health. A nutritional hit for the complexion, it is rich in omegas and fatty acids, Rosehip oil and Meadowfoam seed help ensure the skin barrier is strengthened and reinforced.

This dynamic double act will help you glow your way through your day. 

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