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The Importance Of Organic Beauty

The Importance Of Organic Beauty

Following A Cancer Diagnosis In 2007, Floral Artist Hazel Gardiner Started To Pay Particular Attention To Everything She Put In Or On Her Body, Including Skincare...

We chat to her about all things organic including her favourite products to use and what it means to feel balance. 

What Is Your Beauty Routine?

I love a beauty routine with several steps – I find the ritual of cleansing and moisturising very meditative. In the morning, after a cleanse, I will mist with a hydrating spray to prime and refresh my skin. I then pat on Wild Beauty Nourishing Eye Cream followed by the Active Treatment Serum and a natural oil for a glowing complexion. I always finish with a cream moisturiser with added SPF.

What Does Organic Beauty Mean To You?

It is incredibly important for me to know that there is a brand that can 100% substantiate its claims of using naturally cultivated ingredients, grown without the use of pesticides and that is cruelty-free.

How Important Is A Healthy Lifestyle To You?

It is vital for my mental health and overall wellness. For me to feel the best emotionally and physically, I must take care of myself. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, which changed my relationship with food and exercise. I’d always gone to the gym, but this made me pause and dissect what I was putting into and on to my body. Like anything, it is a balancing act, as I love food and a nice wine! I now like to combine HIT sessions with slower-intensity Pilates and yoga.

How do you find balance in your life?

By setting boundaries and practising self-compassion. Understanding what you need to function healthily and, most importantly, realising that you deserve to feel balanced is vital to me.

What Is Your Wild Beauty Escape?

Anywhere with a spa surrounded by a rugged landscape or gardens. To me, a beauty treatment is the embodiment of relaxation, especially facials. Being surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna is my ultimate form of escapism.

What Three Things Would You Take With You On That Escape?

Wild Beauty Moisturising Lip Treatment, a copy of Gardens Illustrated and a companion.

What do you love most about Wild Beauty and why?

I love that the ingredients are grown in North Wales. I have Welsh heritage and my grandma and dad lived in the area. I have treasured memories of summers spent exploring the countryside. To me, the sustainability and provenance of my skincare is just as important as the benefits they deliver. Wild Beauty is completely transparent about what goes into their range. The quality is undeniable which you can tell from the fragrance and texture alone.


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