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Have Your Own Spa Day

Try these DIY Indian home-spa recipes using natural ingredients from your fridge and kitchen cupboard.

Nourishing, softening mask for face and décolletage

Simply mix 2 tbsp yoghurt, an egg, 1 tbsp honey and a pinch of turmeric and let the mixture set on the skin for 1-15 minutes. It can also be used all over the body and you can add oats to create a natural exfoliant.

Almond exfoliant for super-silky skin

Alternatively, make yourself some milk by soaking almonds overnight. Then forget the peeling and just put the almonds mixed with water through blender. Sieve out the milk and use the remaining grains as an exfoliator on face and body. 

Lemon to purify and detox the skin

Before your daily shower or bath, rub a half-cut lemon over the body from tip to toe.

Get a spa-like glow with this cowshed DIY cryo facial

Bring down puffiness, rev up circulation and tighten and tone jaded screen skin by making your own facial ice cubes - green tea for antioxidants, lemon to brighten and anti-inflammatory, cooling cucumber.

Antioxidizing - simply steep a pot of green tea (preferably two tea bags) for the pot/large mug, let it cool, then transfer to an ice tray and freeze.

Brightening - juice three lemons (or Jif/ lemon juice in a bottle) and mix with 300ml of water and transfer to an ice tray and freeze.

Anti-inflammatory - one cucumber with 300ml of water (can be less if you would like it more concentrated) and transfer to an ice tray and freeze.

Choose which remedy and wrap the ice in a cotton cloth (or run under the warm tap for a few seconds to stop ice burns) and rub over the face to reduce swelling and tighten the skin. Courtesy of

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