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Inlight Beauty Super-Food Mask

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0.84 fl oz 25ml | Approx. 15 applications

Multi award winning, uplifting, and rejuvenating face mask bursting with Super-foods. Packed with essential fatty acids, naturally rich in Vitamin E for the perfect weekly detox and anti-ageing treatment.

Baobab powder creates the ideal gritty texture for gentle exfoliation.

  • Revives tired complexions
  • Gently exfoliates without chemical peels
  • Improves elasticity and hydration
  • Rich in antioxidants to tackle blemishes
  • Immediately draws out impurities
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Product Description

Full of chlorophyll rich spirulina to detoxify the skin (and give it a gorgeous rich green colour) and rose hip oil to repair. The combined synergy of this formula stimulates cell renewal and collagen production to plump, firm and refresh the skin.

This treatment mask can be used once a week to maintain the skin in peak condition. For skin in need of additional nourishment, we recommend alternating with Inlight Chocolate Face Mask.

Dr Spiezia says: “This mask is ideal for skin which is tired, opaque and lacks radiance. The high antioxidant activity tackles blemishes and redness and will leave skin glowing, as if you have just been for a bracing walk along the Cornish cliffs!”