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Inlight Beauty Night Balm

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1.52 fl oz 45ml | Approx. 80 applications

Nutrient-rich replenishing balm to decrease inflammation, and deeply moisturise whilst your skin is at its most relaxed. Inlight Night Balm is enhanced by the well known healing, cytophylactic and anti-inflammatory properties of marigold and lavender together with the astringent qualities of rose and neroli.

  • Intense night-time nourishment
  • Revitalises dull and fatigued skin
  • Stimulates skin regeneration
  • Calming and repairing
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    Product Description

    Inlight organic Night Balm is a blend of highly nourishing oils and soothing botanical extracts. Our skin repairs and regenerates overnight so give it a nutrient rich formula to aid healing, decrease inflammation, and restore hydration. Sesame, sunflower and evening primrose oils bring powerful antioxidant action whilst macadamia and jojoba synchronize with our skin's natural sebum to balance oil production.

    For extra pampering, this luscious balm is excellent for nightly facial massages and use with our Gua Sha.#

    Skin type: For all skin types including sensitive

    Especially for: Dry, mature, or neglected skin in need of TLC