Discovery Set


Take your first fragrant step into our consciously clean universe with the Medeau Discovery Set and meet our perfumes with standards: Origin, Safara, Cedar Noir and Evening Blush. Their vegan, non-toxic and allergen-free perfumes are inspired by nature and crafted by science.


A springtime floral, Origin eau de parfum is a breath of breezy white and green top notes with an embrace of beautiful, blousy florals at its heart and a cashmere soft dry down.


Clean, sexy, feminine and wearable, Safara eau de parfum is an aquatic white floral with a splice of grapefruit for a touch of exoticism without the fruitiness. An aphrodisiac heart of milky tuberose, violet leaf and French Magnolia diffuses from its centre alongside a soft, subtle base of synthetic musk, amber and sandalwood.


Pacey and exciting, Cedar Noir eau de parfum is our pheromone-reactive perfume that responds to the wearer’s unique chemistry with a striking molecular accord of black pepper, geranium and bergamot with a hot heart of cedarwood and vetivert. Synthetic musk and amber make a scented statement that is raw, animalic and extremely attractive.


Voluptuous and hedonistic, Evening Blush eau de parfum radiates confidence and flair with a provocative dose of amber. A bouquet of jasmine, Japanese cherry blossom petals flutter over a base of vetivert, amber crystals, synthetic musk and sustainable bioidentical sandalwood.