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Olverum Body Polish

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Far more than a simple exfoliator, Olverum’s double - action Body Polish contains an innovative blend of ingredients that nourish deep into the skin as they buff the surface, leaving it with a cleaned, clarified, and velvet - smooth texture – and toned appearance. Gliding on easily, the cushioning effects of its unique souffle - feel texture makes light work of an invigorating exfoliating massage. 

First, Fermented Papaya Enzyme gently breaks down accumulated dead skin cells, allowing deep cleansing Hydroclay to lift and eliminate impurities, and mechanical exfoliants Bamboo and Pumice to polish skin to velvet - feel smoothness without the abrasiveness of many body scrubs. Meanwhile, firming Bergamot Oil, Lavandin Oil, and Geranium Oil work in synergy to improve your skin’s elasticity and help retain moisture for a toned, brightened appearance. Finally, contouring botanicals Grapefruit Oil and Fennel Oil provide a finishing firming touch, while also blending with exotic Patchouli Oil and Ylang Ylang to create an invigorating scent which enhances the sensation of whole - body rejuvenation. 

How to use:
Apply onto cleansed damp skin, massaging with circular motions to boost the exfoliation benefits by stimulating blood circulation. Then simply rinse off, or leave for a few minutes to allow the Papaya Enzyme to penetrate more deeply into the skin’s surface. For best results, use once or twice per week.

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