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Personalised Wellness

In need of a personal health, wellbeing or beauty coach? You're in the right place

A Service With Suzanne

Suzanne has tailored wellness and beauty programmes - weaving in practitioners, habitual practices and products to spa and global medical health clinic trips for everyone. From celebrities and actors to business owners and CEOs needing expert practical wellness support.

Now she can do it for you too.

With our Onolla Concierge Edits Suzanne becomes your personal wellness coach. She joins the dots and uses her vast knowledge to help you to find and implement the best regime to help you thrive and reach your goals.

how does it work?

The Concierge Process

Once you've purchased your service Suzanne personally gets to work with your bespoke, personalised recommendations. Whether that's reducing your screen time, investing in bio-tests to find the source of your issues to tackling them with her expertly chosen health and wellness product recommendations.