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Welcome overview video on how mother nature is our ultimate guide helping shape our days, weeks, months years and our whole life.

How to tune into and sync with the seasons and the ebb and flow of what it is teaching us and supporting us with. Therefore how we can start to not only flow better but plan better too – when the best time to start, end things, when the best time to be more extrovert or introvert, etc etc. Plus there will be opportunities to dip dive deeper into this with eastern experts helping to work out your personal element and natural gifts so that you can finely tune even more with the seasons (up selling to my experts)

First day of the season a more focused video voice note [PAUL I want to focus on spoken rather than written word as much faster to produce and easier for people to consume)Overview of the reason for that season What that season has in store and can teach usThe season’s energy Lots of tips and tricks of things to embrace and things to avoid

A couple of weeks into every quarter a Group Zoom link with me hosting and inviting some experts in to do sections

First day of the month Voice note on a newsletter with more detail of that specific monthPersonal tips from meDates for the diary tieing in seasonal topical happenings from National Trust, Kew Gardens, cities in UK doing cool things etc

Weekly Simple practices and exercises to adopt to help balance you and tune into that timeProducts to use to adapt mind and body and address the needs of the environmentPractitioner tips to entice an upsell to a session Recipes/moon rituals / Tips on gardening, food and moon cycle tips from Onolla’s Contributing Specialist Editors to help us celebrate that time of year.