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Personal Concierge

Suzanne has helped numerous stressed professionals, harassed homemakers and exhausted celebrities to relax and reset, and her best-kept secrets and contacts are now available to you via her concierge service.

Whether you’re having trouble sleeping, need a beauty regime detox, are wrestling with the menopause, have pregnancy-related questions, are suffering from stress and anxiety or simply need to overhaul your diet, Suzanne can help with her personalised service, shopping lists and top tips from the world-class experts in her little black book.

‘Finding the right modality, practices and practitioner right for YOU is of paramount importance, but it can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I have been matching the right products, practices and practitioners, spas and retreats, to people for nearly thirty years and it is an art form!' says Suzanne.

Book a consultation with Suzanne

During the session Suzanne can pinpoint the package you will need to feel and look your best.

Personal Shopping List

Suzanne will curate your personal product and treatment shopping list with advice from our top skincare and wellbeing experts. Your product collection will be sent straight to your door with information on how to use everything.

Wellbeing Support

A mental and emotional reboot discussing problems and solutions, and Suzanne's recommended holistic options and experts. Includes fast-track and practitioner introductions.

The Health MOT

An all-encompassing overhaul for ages, stages and issues from general health to the menopause. Includes Suzanne's recommended holistic options, experts, spas and retreats, and includes fast-track and practitioner introductions.

The Bespoke

From regular wellbeing check-in coaching sessions to specific concierge services to suit you and your loved ones’ needs, Suzanne can tailor something unique to your requirements.


Suzanne is available for 1-1s on Zoom, mobile or in person at private residences, hotels, spas, members’ clubs, or even in the workplace via a corporate wellness offering.

The Story ...

After 25 years of researching all manner of health and beauty practices, Suzanne's new bespoke concierge service mines her decades of insider beauty knowledge along with her little black book (or should that be green?) of wellness maestros, offering clients a totally unique approach to their holistic health and wellbeing.

‘I can put my hand on my heart and say that I truly recommend the people and products I partner with,’ says Suzanne. ‘It’s important to me that they really work, but what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another, and that is why personalisation is key.

‘I have been scribbling the names of practitioners and products on the backs of napkins, receipts and even people’s hands for years! It's in my nature to help people, so I’ve launched my new concierge service to reach a wider circle and help even more people more effectively with a personal curation and shopping list – the Duckett List! No more scribbling on napkins…

‘In an (organic) nutshell, for me it is all about the three Ps: products, practices and practitioners – and meticulous research has gone into all three here at Onolla.’

~ Kate Winslet ~

‘I was initially suspicious of my teacher's floaty outfit and the rosepetals scattered on my yoga mat: you see, I struggle to get in touch with mychakras, or even listen to myself breathe for too long (I just start makinglists). After five days low and behold, it was happening. I was indeedrelaxing; the to-do lists in my head vanished’.

~ Claudia Winkleman ~

'I don’t believe something has to feel bad for it to have a positive result. Suzanne had a tough task to find me somewhere that wouldn’t make me scream ‘NEVER AGAIN!’

~ Miranda Hart ~

‘The next morning there is a spring in my step. I can conquer all’

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