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January 7th

January 7th

Clean up your act with Medeau fragrance founder

With the start of the new year, we're all looking for new year's resolutions that we will actually be able to keep so we asked Medeau Founder and clean and healthy enthusiast Allison Stubbings to share her top 3 for '23 

Bulletproof Coffee
Bulletproof Coffee has helped me to be more alert and focused, even after being up with little ones during the night. There is no caffeine crash and the healthy fats are a satisfying way to start your day, and it's delicious! However, instead of using a blender, I use a handheld milk frother.

The Power of Nature
I like to make sure that I go for a 20-minute walk each day in the park or the forest. I find it is the best way to clear my head and feel energised. I'm a great believer in the power of nature and feel that it should never be underestimated. I try to get out in the middle of the day so that I can get a break from sitting at my desk, but it will be beneficial whenever you can fit this into your routine.

I take three essential supplements. The first is Magnesium, in my opinion, the most underrated supplement. It is helping me fight those January blues - it's a mood booster that also has anti-inflammatory benefits. It's also an absolute must for me to enable a good night's sleep. The second is Vitamin C, Zinc plus Lactoferrin by way of Leapfrog Immune supplement. I discovered through Onolla to keep my immune system firing on all cylinders during the winter months. The last is Vitamin D, which helps boost your immune system, mood and protect against chronic disease.

Clean-Burning Candles
Probably the most fun thing you can swap this January is to buy a clean-burning candle for your home. I find that having a beautiful candle burning really helps boost my mood. Again, Onolla has some beautiful clean and chic candles

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