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January 6th

January 6th

Creating a full moon ritual with
Kalmar Love Sensual Senses Bath Oil

Born in super sensual Morocco before a family move to Paris at the age of seven, founder of Kalmar, Karen Ruimy’s heritage and essence is woven and bottled into her brand and with her passion for wellbeing, it made sense for Kalmar to launch a sensorial, transportive, ritualistic beauty range.
‘Self-care comes from a place of self-respect, self-love and good intentions’ believes Karen.

Whilst brimming with mood-enhancing botanicals, the intention, usage through creating a ritual that has gone into each and every Kalmar product is just as important as the physical ingredients to help take you on a sensory journey from your bathroom to a more joyous, calm, peaceful or loving place. 

Between this beautiful bath oil and my passion for people to sync with nature more, why not dip your toes into a full moon ritual this evening given it is the new years first full moon? You have your card, your bath oil (you can use a footbath / large bowl of water if you don't have a bath tub) and you have a full moon tonight!

 Even if you are skeptical about the frequencies, energetics and mystics of the moon, go with it and simply use the power of the full moon to set your intentions and goals for the future. Full moon rituals are at the very least a marvellous force of nature and a rhythmic, ceremonial practice to tune in with yourself and your life at certain points throughout the month.

There is also a lovely morning meditation from Karen below that you can do tomorrow morning and beyond after the best night's sleep following tonights full moon ritual...

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