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hands with CBD body oil for massage

Massage Moments

A great way to mingle mindful moments into your day is with a hand massage. Place both hands on your lap, close your eyes and breathe deeply a few times. Relax shoulders, neck and jaw, using the breath to connect with yourself.

Apply hand cream and press your right thumb on to your left palm firmly but gradually. Making slow, firm circles in both directions, work over the whole palm. Repeat on the other hand.

Rest your right hand on the fingers of your left hand, palm up. Using your left thumb, slide along the tendons and between each finger, slowly releasing tension.

Squeeze each finger gradually, stretching between thumb and index finger. Make small circles with your thumbs all over the top and the palm of the opposite hand, then lightly press your thumb on the inner soft part of the wrist, working from the edge of the palm towards the forearm. Finish with long soothing strokes.

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