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Omnos Wellness Complete Blood Test

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Discover our most comprehensive wellness test, combining all markers from Wellness and Wellness Advance giving you more detailed insights into the cause of your symptoms.

Why take a Wellness Complete Blood Test?

A combination of all the biomarkers from the Wellness test and Wellness Advanced Test to give the most comprehensive wellness test that can help identify possible causes of your symptoms such as changes in energy, bloating/gas, frequently ill,  blood sugar regulations, anaemia, loose stool, high/low vitamin and mineral status, changes in weight, sleepy after lunch, heartburn, brain fog and cardiac health.

This at home blood test investigates how well you are using glucose within your body and your potential for inflammation within the circulatory system. Find out how well you are transporting nutrients around the body and help predict if you are suffering from conditions affecting your immune system like bacterial, viral or parasitic infections. It will also give a detailed look at how digestion progresses all the way from stomach to excretion, including the potential for gastric inflammation and investigating risk factors associated with cardiac health.

This test will also highlight the levels of cholesterol in your body and the factors associated with insulin resistance and give an in depth analysis of vitamin and mineral status including Copper, Magnesium, Vitamin D, B9 and B12 status which can impact many pathways such as mood, energy and digestion.

By combining all 41 blood markers, you will also be able to gain additional information about lipid status, insulin sensitivity, gastric inflammation and general digestion and enable more detailed insight into specific inflammatory conditions.

Test type   -   At home finger prick blood sample
Biomarkers tested   -   42
Processing time   -   5 - 7 days

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