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Omnos Wellness Blood Test

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Get insights to your full blood count, fatty acid balance, and blood glucose levels that could be related to symptoms such as energy levels, bloating and gas.

Why take a Wellness Blood Test?This test gives you a comprehensive overview of 18 blood markers that can help identify possible causes of health issues and symptoms such as changes in energy, bloating/ gas, frequent illness, blood sugar regulation and anaemia and give you a general overview of your health.

Omnos will investigate how well you are using glucose within your body and your potential for inflammation within the circulatory system, along with the balance of fatty acids within your red blood cells to indicate the health of your red blood cells and predict the risk of insulin resistance.

Gain insight into how well you are transporting nutrients around the body and understand if you are suffering from conditions affecting your immune system like bacterial, viral or parasitic infections as well as assessing digestive factors that may be causing symptoms such as bloating and gas.

Test type   -   At home finger prick blood sample
Biomarkers tested   -   17
Processing time   -   5 - 7 days

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