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Omnos Wellness Advanced Blood Test

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Gain insights into liver, kidney, cardiac and digestive health and also an indication of your vitamin and mineral status.

Why take a Wellness Advanced Blood Test?

This test is designed to help identify possible causes of your symptoms such as changes in energy, bloating or gas, loose stool and high or low vitamin and mineral status to help improve your overall wellness.

Get a detailed look at how digestion progresses all the way from stomach to excretion, including the potential for gastric inflammation and investigating risk factors associated with cardiac health. It also provides insight into energy issues around food such as feeling fatigued and sleepy after a meal, as well as, highlighting the levels of cholesterol in your body that can indicate risk of heart disease and investigate factors associated with insulin resistance, and risk for diabetes.

Gain a more in depth analysis of vitamin and mineral status than our Wellness Blood Test including Copper, Magnesium, Vitamin D, B9 and B12 status which can impact many pathways such as mood, energy and digestion. 

Test type   -   At home finger prick blood sample
Biomarkers tested   -   25
Processing time   -   5 - 7 days

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