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Olverum Bath Oil Travel Set

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Olverum Bath Oil’s expertly balanced blend of ten sumptuous essential oils work in harmony to relieve stress, revive aching muscles, and restore lustre to dull or dry skin. A true green wellness original, it has established a reputation over nine decades for both its luxuriously therapeutic qualities and its exotic, intoxicating fragrance.

Olverum Bath Oil’s closely - guarded formula, including soothing Siberian Fir Needle and calming May Chang, eases tension in body and mind, gently moisturises skin, and helps promote a restorative sleep that can boost a flagging immune system. An indulgent aromatic ritual of relaxation which leaves your skin silken, your body revitalised, and your spirit restored.

How to use:
Add approximately 1/3 capful (5ml) to a warm bath with a temperature of around 37℃. Agitate the surface of the water with your hand to disperse the oil. Relax. Restore. Renew.

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