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Therapie Sleep Drops

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This harmonising concentrate has been designed to work on the deep subconscious to help you drift into a deeply restorative sleep. As an antidote to superficial restless sleep, the Sleep Drops create a soothing transition into the phase of REM - sleep through the combined powers of a deeply sedative mix of fourteen vital aromatherapy oils including the precious oils of jasmine sambac, sandalwood, neroli and orange flower absolute. It is designed to be applied directly to the skin, either pressed on to the face with a flannel as part of a cleansing ritual or as a particularly good oil for foot massage.

Daily Immersion: The sleep drops are designed for topical application, ideally applied at night before you go to bed as part of your cleansing routine. Our recommended approach is to decant a few drops onto a warm flannel and place over the face, pressing the flannel in to the face and inhaling deeply.

Deep Immersion: For a deeper nightly ritual, first complete the daily immersion ritual, continuing with 2 - 5 more deep breaths. Then massage in to the soles of the feet, using a few drops on each foot, focusing first on the big toe then working your way along the instep and (solar plexus) point located under the pad of the foot in the centre. Finally, apply to pulse points including the soft hollow at the base of the scull massaging in an anticlockwise circle for up to 30 seconds.

Core Therapeutic Ingredients:
Neroli  - this precious oil is a natural sedative that is known for having a soothing effect on the nervous system.
Hemp Essential Oil -  a sedative and restorative elixir which acts as a natural calmative. (Our hemp contains minimal levels of THC and is therefore an entirely safe and non - state - altering ingredient).
Spikenard -   renowned for relieving worries and helping to soothe, making it easier for the body to slip into a restorative asleep.

Aromatherapy Notes:
Base -   A deep smoky earthy Vetiver with a sweet undertone and earthy herbaceous hints of Spikenard and Hemp, to induce relaxation.
Heart -   An intensely rich sweet floral balsamic with hints of spicey Ylang Ylang and undertones of delicate sweet citrus.
Top -   A fresh soft fruity note of bergamot and sweet orange with herbaceous woody tones of petitgrain.

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