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Omnos Sex Hormone and Thyroid Complete Blood Test: Male

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Get a comprehensive analysis of the male sex hormones and thyroid function that regulate symptoms in relation to changes in libido, sleep, energy, mood, and stress.
Why take a Sex Hormone Complete Blood Test?The test is designed to help identify possible causes of symptoms such as changes in sleep, libido, struggle to get up, sleepy after lunch, brain fog and erectile dysfunction to help improve your overall health. They will investigate the same biomarkers as our Sex Hormones Complete Female Blood Test in addition to PSA (Prostate - specific antigen) which is used to investigate prostate health and indicate risk of prostate cancer.

This test looks at the levels of circulating hormones within the body and key biomarkers for assessing sexual function and prostate health. Understand risks and possible causes of erectile dysfunction such as cholesterol status and testosterone levels.

They will also investigate causal relationships of psychological and physiological stress related symptoms that may be impacting your sexual health as well as looking into exercise capacity and stress resilience. It also assesses full thyroid health, vitamin D status and pituitary regulating factors that may impact eating behaviours, digestion and sexual function.

Test type: At home finger prick blood sample
Biomarkers tested: 25
Processing time: 5 - 7 days

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