The Plant Medicine & Intimacy Intuitive


Sarah is a clinical therapist and educator in modern relationships and erotic intelligence and was a student of the veteran couples counsellor Esther Perel. She is also a Psychedelic Guide who has been working in the field of “altered states” for 20 years, using it as part of her therapy approach.

Individual Program -  personal growth. Sarah will create a sacred environment with ceremony, ritual and meditation. Acknowledging whatever wisdom that comes from the medicine is accurate and then you are handed over to the experience. Journey time is approximately 4 hours. High doses can break through to mystical experiences and and have an immediate effect on the relief of depression, anxiety and addiction. 

Couples Program - a unique program of facilitation and transformation using legal truffles containing psilocybin that replaces traditional couples therapy with the landscape of erotic intelligence and creativity. This 14 module program provides a directional journey for the couple in tandem with the emphasis on personal empowerment, conflict resolution and individuation. Sessions are taken individually and together as needed.