Margaret Dabbs

Professional Foot File + 2 replacement pads

The Margaret Dabbs Professional Foot File is the ultimate tool for achieving professional results at home. The abrasive pads are designed using crushed crystal technology, which works to remove hard, dry skin and callus evenly, finely and effectively leaving your feet completely smooth. The stainless steel long handle lasts a life time and it comes ready to use with 2 pads, as well as 2 additional Replacement Pads, each lasting approximately 3 months. It is suitable for men and women and comes with full instructions for use.
Tips to Use
For optimum results use once a week on dry feet before you have bathed or showered. Use on areas of thickened or calloused skin being careful not to over-grip the file. For hard skin ridge under the little toe, move all four of the other toes away from you with your free hand to expose the ridge. File can also be used to remove hard skin on the tip of the toes or where you may be building up corns. Wash after use with a damp nail brush and dab dry. Once worn, peel back and dispose of old pads and replace with new self-adhesive pads by pressing firmly into position on the file.

The Professional Foot File is designed for regular use as part of a self-care routine, and to help those with:

  • Dry, dehydrated, lifeless skin
  • Thickened or calloused skin
  • Cracked heels