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Onolla Down to Earth Mud (with application brush)

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This sun-dried, finely milled and filtered magical mud comes straight from a nature reserve in Hungary (responsibly sourced). A marvellous multitasker it restores face and body.

Packed with essential minerals, including magnesium,calcium, chromium and copper its unique composition allows it to penetrate into both superficial and deeper layers of tissue to stimulate blood flow, draw toxins from the body and replenish it with minerals to support the skin structure. Certified ‘curative’ by doctors in Hungary’s national health service, it has been used to treat all kinds of inflammatory conditions in Budapest’s famous health and beauty spas for over 200 years.

Face Mask - blend with water to reduce large pores, blemishes, the appearance of fine lines and for all-round radiant, complexion glowing with health.

Bath Soak - sprinkling some into the bath helps soothe away aches, pains and calms the nervous system (perfect before bed to ‘ground’ for a deep sleep).

Body Treatment - a more intense home spa treatment mix into a thick paste to help relieve painful joint and muscle stiffness. Get mudding! 

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