Microbiome + Zonulin Test

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Gain insights into your gut microbiome health, inflammation, parasites, yeast infections, absorption and digestion levels and check your zonulin levels for 'leaky gut'.

Why should you take a Microbiome Advanced Test?

The test is designed to highlight the current state of your digestive system, identifying any hidden causes of common symptoms such as bloating, tiredness or mood swings, frequent cold or infections, brain fog and upset stomach.

It provides insights into your overall gut health as well as analysis on immunity, IBS, IBD, ‘leaky gut’ and other conditions such as autoimmunity, allergies, and a broad spectrum of chronic diseases.

Microbiome testing could help you target, improve and resolve imbalances that range from digestive issues to mood disorders, as microbiome health impacts every organ system. Discover your friendly and unfriendly bacteria and find out if you have any yeasts, parasites, worms or viruses and see how your digestion system is working.

Test type - Stool sample collected in specimen vials.
Biomarkers tested - 111
Processing time - 3 weeks

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