Limited Edition Fresh Start Duo

£129 (£161 value)

The Onolla + Elixseri Limited Edition Fresh Start Duo contains two serums, Opening Act and Rescue Diver, for just £129, giving you a 20% saving (usually £161 when bought separately)

What’s Inside?

OPENING ACT (£76.00 when bought separately)
The core serum from the Elixeri range, Opening Act gently removes a layer of dead cells, creating a smoother surface. Your skin is cleaner, feels fresher, looks more even and, best of all, will make all your other skincare products work better for you.

RESCUE DIVER (£85.00 when bough separately)
A hydrating and cell-plumping serum, Rescue Diver immediately drenches thirsty skin with long-lasting hydration, surging moisture levels and plumping it from within. It brings instant comfort to dry and dehydrated skins, guarding against pollution, fatigue and skin stress, and leaving skin supple and soft, with fewer visible fine lines.