Margaret Dabbs

Intensive Treatment Foot Oil

A unique, non-greasy, easy-to-apply dry oil that instantly transforms dehydrated skin and nails, leaving the feet illuminated, hydrated and smooth. Simple to use with a spray applicator and the beautiful scent of Lemon Myrtle, this light but powerful oil is a very quick fix, and works instantly to eradicate the signs of dehydration and repairs cracked skin of the feet. It is simply a joy to use. Suitable for all skin types, diabetics, and for use during pregnancy.
Tips to Use

To use, spray all over the feet and gently massage into the skin and nails. Use daily for over dry feet or twice a week as part of a treatment regime.

The foot oil can also be used to create a home foot spa. To do this, fill a large bowl with warm water and spray 4 pumps of the Intensive Treatment Foot Oil into the water. This will relax you, it will also hydrate your skin and nails, will ease tension, reduce inflammation of the bones and joints and will also give the lovely aromatic scent of Lemon Myrtle which will fill your room.


A favourite among Margaret Dabbs London podiatrists due to its impressive treatment credentials, this Intensive Treatment Foot Oil is the perfect all-rounder for a home foot spa as it is so versatile, and provides instant skin hydration, helps to relieve bone and joint inflammation, reduces cracks in the skin and repairs damaged and dehydrated toenails. The unique, non-greasy, easy-to-apply dry oil leaves the most gorgeous lemon sherbet scent, and is simply a joy to use. It helps to repair very dry feet with fine or thin skin, cracked skin and nails and prevents broken skin Excellent to help ease stiff painful joints of the feet.

Best for

  • Dry feet with fine or thin skin
  • Broken or scaly skin
  • Anyone looking for instant and long lasting results from dehydration of the skin of the feet 
Key Ingredients

Lemon Myrtle and Emu Oil for its soothing properties and scent.

Other Ingredients
Isopropyl Myristate, Dromiceius (Emu) Oil, Ethylhexyl Stearate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Backhousia Citriodora (Lemon Myrtle) Leaf Oil