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Wildsmith Hand Wash With Linden and Chamomile Refill

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Dedicated to sustainable and environmentally sensitive practices, Wildsmith continue to strive to make simple steps towards a better and more sustainable environment. The use of aluminium packaging for their popular Hand Wash and Lotion has been one such commitment that they have made to the environment – infinitely recyclable and eligible for their Return and Recycle programme. Simply drop off your used containers in store and we'll take care of the rest. 

Did you know aluminium is one of the easiest and energy efficient materials to recycle? It is one the most recycled materials on earth. Nearly 75 percent of all aluminium produced is still in use today*. This means it is one of the most recycled materials on the planet! Aluminium can be recycled directly back into itself over and over again with almost no energy loss. This is a true closed loop.

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