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Omnos DNA Genes Test

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Uncover the inherited characteristics in your genome and gain insights into your health priorities and nutritional needs to begin your personalised health optimisation journey. 
The Omnos genetic DNA testing investigates over 700,000 genes variants that allows you to access more than 500 gene reports across 70 categories of your health and wellness. You  will get insights into your detoxification ability, anti - oxidant needs, omega - 3 needs, alcohol response, caffeine sensitivity, lactose intolerance, and many other useful information about your body, health, nutrition, food sensitivity, weight management, fitness and performance, cognitive health, personality, vitamins and minerals, drug response, sleep and stress.

Uncover your unique genetic blueprint to help you understand what chronic diseases you may be predisposed to so you can start to introduce the relevant lifestyle changes you need to reduce the risks.

Test type: Saliva sample using a buccal swab
Biomarkers tested  - 350
Processing time 3 - 4 weeks

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