Margaret Dabbs

Foot File Replacement Pads

The Margaret Dabbs Replacement Foot Pads contains 10 long-lasting, crushed crystal technology self-adhesive replacement foot pads, to be used with the Margaret Dabbs Professional Foot File. The foot pads are designed to give a smooth, even finish and superior, long lasting results. 
Tips to Use
To change worn replacement foot pads, peel back the used pad and replace with new self-adhesive replacement, pressing firmly into position on the file. Clean foot file with a damp nail brush, and dab dry with a towel. Do not immerse or leave foot file in water.

Removes skin, finely, evenly, effectively and safely.
Outstanding long term results when used on dry skin.
Leaves skin soft and even to the touch without leaving ‘scaly areas of skin’.
Reduces callus build up quick and effectively.
Reduces cracks in the skin.
Results immediately visible.

Who is it best for?

  • Anyone with callus build up
  • Very dry cracked skin
  • Hard skin
  • Men and women